Weather Conditions, Mountain Safety and Preparation

Before coming on a ski holiday here it is important that you are prepared for the possible weather conditions and also for keeping yourself safe on the mountain.

Winters in the Alps are not like British winters- conditions here can be arctic with temperatures in the past falling to below -35c.
See the links page for recommended weather and snow reports.

Here are a few hints and tips of how to keep yourself safe on the mountain:

  • To avoid injury stretch/jog before you set off skiing and after any prolonged breaks. This will also help your bodies ability to sustain the level of activity.
  • Dress warmly! It is always best to be too warm than too cold on the mountain, if you carry a rucksack with you, layers can always be taken off and put in there if conditions get too warm.
  • Most skiiers and snowboarders wear a helmet these days, you never know what might happen and most people say they feel more confident with one on.
  • Always wear and carry sunscreen. Even if it is cloudy UV rays are not stopped and the sun is almost twice as intense in the mountains as it is on a beach.
  • Carry water and keep yourself hydrated. Many people don’t drink unless they are too hot but dehydration can happen easily in these cold conditions and this can lead to injury.
  • If you take your kit off make sure that it is secure and won’t slide away. Runaway skis and boards have been the cause of injury in the past… and it also recks your kit!
  • Always carry a piste map.
  • If you are going off piste make sure you are with someone who knows where they are going and what they are doing. Don’t follow tracks blindly as they may lead in the wrong direction. Always have the right kit with you and ensure that your insurance policy covers off piste before you decide to take that risk.
  • Insurance is not included with your lift pass so make sure that you take it out before you leave home and that it includes cover for winter sports.
    There are also set rules for users of the pistes. Some of these are summarized below:
  • Do not endanger others
  • Adapt speed and style to snow conditions and your ability
  • The user of the slope in front of you always has priority
  • Leave plenty of room when overtaking
  • Check all around you when you enter/cross another piste
  • Only stop at the side of the piste
  • Respect all piste signs and information


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